Casa de los Pobres in the Time of COVID-19

Each day, Casa de los Pobres serves hundreds of hungry people a nutritious breakfast. In order to better protect those receiving meal services, as well as those who serve them, Casa has implemented new procedures to reduce transmissibility of the novel coronavirus. Casa began by closing its dining rooms and moving meal service outside to open space on site. Servers are outfitted with masks and gloves. Individuals standing in the queues of people waiting to enter Casa are spaced six feet apart, and each person in the queue is provided a mask. At the point of entry, each person’s temperature is taken and screening questions are asked to assess for illness. Those receiving breakfast pass by tables outside where stations are arranged to provide each component of the breakfast meal, which are prepared for take-away. Meals are eaten off xanax site.

Whatever the conditions, Casa de los Pobres adapts its practices to accommodate the needs of the people it serves by providing stromectol services in as safe an environment as possible – and always with a smile, even if all that can be seen are smiling eyes!